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The rich diversity—of industries, clients, audiences and projects—is what we treasure most about marketing communications work. Having to switch gears constantly to leverage new technology, consumer behavioral shifts and media trends keeps us on our toes—and keeps brands ever fresh. We have in-depth experience working in these industries: technology, real estate, financial services, retail, entertainment, professional services, non-profits, and health and fitness.

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Corporate identity : Suite 420 Solutions
Website : Fisher Capital
Brochure and inserts : United Flea Market
Website : Suite 420 Solutions
Corporate credit card and PEP carrier : Priv8Pay
Sales sheets : Wellen Capital LLC
Library cards : City of Lafayette
Comprehensive corporate brochure : Marx|Okubo
Client gift - package of custom cards : Rezonant

Client gift - package of custom cards

Tradeshow booth : Marx|Okubo
The Delores Project's "Share" event promotion : Carmines on Penn
Corporate brochure : Gibraltar Business Capital
Map and vendor guide : Mile High Marketplace | Mile High Flea Market
Get Connected event collateral : Broadridge / Matrix
Product identity : Locust Cider
Services brochures : Marx|Okubo
Corporate family of logos : Carmine's on Penn
Corporate identity : Q Advisors
Website : Marx | Okubo
Corporate identity : Priv8Pay
Website : Cancer Wellness Center
EnergySmart brochure : Oakwood Homes
Company collateral : HomeSphere
Out-of-home advertising campaign - interactive bus shelter : Mile High Flea Market
Website : Q Advisors
Website : Simplified Bedding
Print advertising campaign : Carmine's on Penn
Letterhead, sales sheets, PowerPoint template and white papers : Q Advisors
Letterhead, pocketfolder and corporate brochure : Castle Pines Capital
National weather curriculum : UCAR
Packaging & labels : Locust Cider
Corporate event collateral : Castle Pines Capital
Content Marketing : Various Clients

Content marketing is an emerging communications segment that originates from writing valuable, relevant and consistent brand-infused copy dialed in for a clearly defined audience. But content marketing is not just driven by how words are presented on a page; it’s about numbers, too. (And that’s good for all you spreadsheet types that just can’t yet wrap your heads around the power of content.)

One of the toughest areas for businesses today to grasp and execute soundly, our content marketing approach involves creating informative and inspiring original content (eCRM, blogs, Web, mobile and more); distributing it at the appropriate time, in the right shell for a given platform; and, ultimately, talking in a strategic, thought-leading and brand-sustaining way that drives profitable action by customers or clients.

Ignition PT Website :
Website : Gibraltar Business Capital
Company brochure : Oakwood Homes
Website : Rize Homesource
Website : Mile High Flea Market
Website : Manutius IP
Out-of-home advertising campaign - billboard : Mile High Flea Market
Advertising campaign : Gibraltar Business Capital
Letterhead and sales sheets : Gibraltar Business Capital
Hospitality niche brochure & company newsletter : Marx|Okubo
Advertising : Freedom Boat Club
Product hang tags, instruction illustrations and business cards : Simplified bedding
Advertising - testimonial campaign : HomeSphere
Client gift - custom luggage tags : Rezonant
imerz platform identity : Rambus
Corporate identity : Manutius IP
Corporate identity : Oakwood Homes
Radio Spot - "Find what you love" : Mile High Marketplace | Mile High Flea Market

Branding and Marketing Strategy : Various clients


Wait, this is our secret sauce. Can’t exactly share all those ingredients. But we can tell you that our meticulous Proof of Brand exercise and subsequent messaging foundation brings differentiation into focus, and is the heart of what we do. It’s where we get at both the bigger picture and nitty-gritty of what makes a brand resonate. And it’s our own special litmus test for everything that follows. From conceptual strategy to concrete deliverables and brand experience, everything ultimately reflects and measures up to the essence—the proof—of each individual brand.


This is the big strategic umbrella that shields your marketing dollars from getting diluted. Without systematic planning for how marketing’s silos work together, not much is going to move, with any intention, in the company cog. We are here to help you step back and pause for a moment to gander globally before executing like firestorm on the latest and greatest marketing tactic.

Rezonant leverages its deep agency-side experience and philosophy for defining brand first to create an integrated and dense foundation for all the delicious pieces of the marketing pie. A savvy marketing|communications strategy not only positions a business, but defines exactly how it intents to attract, retain and adapt to continually shifting and demanding audiences.

Corporate identity : Rize Homesource
TV spot - "Find what you love." : Mile High Marketplace | Mile High Flea Market
Corporate identities : Gibraltar Business Capital | Gibraltar Capital Advance
Radio spot - Salt Lake City market : Oakwood Homes

Restaurant and food stand logos : Mile High Flea Market
Corporate identity : Impact 360
Radio spot: "People love, thing love" : Mile High Marketplace

Product identity : Simplified Bedding
Corporate identity : Ignition Performance Training


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“I have worked with the team at Rezonant on two different engagements over the last eight years. Both companies are in the financial services sector but serve very different markets, and in each case my experience has been that the team takes a great amount of time and effort to understand a company; purpose, vision, culture, in addition to learning about employees and customers. The result is always very thoughtful outcomes regarding branding, messaging and strategies to build on these foundations. The team’s responsiveness is second to none. I feel like I’m their only customer, and I know we’re not.”

– Heather La Freniere, EVP
Gibraltar Business Capital


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