The trite trend of tips.

I just can’t take another tip. You, too, may be experiencing tip toxicity from the 15 feeds a day that bury you in an endless stream of top 10, 5 best or 3 ways to do something better than you already are. (And this time of year, you can count on an ironically-suffocating blanket of additional tips just to survive the holidays.) So consider this a little break (unless you were looking for tips).

People are “busier” than ever and want all things—including their content—in lovely little snack-size bites. For that, sometimes tips are just perfect (and you may even see them in the Rezonant blog!). But the problem is life is not just perfect that way. Neither is business. And sometimes a tip over-simplifies and over-generalizes to the point of misinforming or misleading about something that, well, can’t be distilled down to a tip.

By no means am I advocating we go back to complex, multi-page prose renditions of what can be said or marketed through simple, straightforward, highly digestible copy. In fact, at Rezonant, we preach the beauty and effectiveness of concise content in everything we do, from short, smart ad copy to web content that’s broken down in way that people can scroll through, read and comprehend quickly.

I think just there’s a nice balance out there between tight and truthful.

Surviving the trend cycle

I like this tips example because it’s a metaphor for modern consumer behavior. We want things fast. Cheap. Stripped down. The problem is, when every product and service “buys into” the way people now buy, we perpetuate a vicious cycle. Consumers don’t understand what they’re really buying. Why they need it. They’re simply following a trend from a tip-based lead. And, frankly, businesses can’t survive on the trend cycle alone.

So, my “No more tips!” mantra is just a way to remind myself that helping people go a little deeper can ultimately help them connect with a brand—not just a trend. Content that digs a little more, raises questions and embraces the messy edges of life can actually help businesses relate and build loyalty on a more emotional, visceral level with the consumers or clients they need keep long-term.

So next time you’re writing your blog, website copy, a speech or any other piece of content designed to be digested by consumers, consider a snack that packs a punch. Rather than dangling tempting, brightly colored Skittles, give your readers some good old-fashioned nut butter. Rather than pumping people full of sugary hits of information that just skim the surface of your brand, spread your true differentiators around—and give your audience something that tastes good, but really sticks with them.



“We have had the pleasure of working with the talented team at Rezonant for over eight years. Throughout the years, Rezonant has grown into a natural extension of our internal team, appropriately challenging our processes while offering support along the way. Our brand is better positioned in the market today because of their guidance and expertise."

– Rob Sieban, CEO
United Flea Markets

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