Grow your garden (business) with LOVE.

As Valentine's Day approaches, it’s time to fall in love—with your work. In the rush of day-to-day activities, it’s easy to let some things that excited you initially slip—whether it’s maintaining and appreciating what you have or tending to leads and relationships. If you’re looking to ignite inspiration, here are some things we at Rezonant like to remain mindful of:

Be grateful for the garden you planted. “What you appreciate appreciates” is true. Not only will an exercise of valuing your business (intentionally sitting down and looking at what you’re grateful for and what’s working) force you take stock of what’s good, it’s also the most genuine approach to deepening and expanding business going forward.

Tend closely to your garden. Don’t forget to send some thank yous to your current clients/customers. First, it will remind you of all the ways you can relate authentically to your customers. The meaningful result: they will feel relished—as they should. In the process, it validates their decision to work with you and they feel wise for doing so. (Byproduct: People love to feel smart, and then look to reinforce their good decision by telling others.)

Grow the garden with intention. At Rezonant we like to trim the weeds, add some water and sunlight. Be honest with yourself about who you want to work with going forward. Focus on the real leads (and best clients) you have and cut away the ones that will only starve the rest of the garden for attention. This goes for employees, too.

Falling in love (all over again) with what you do can sustain your garden of work and your professional relationships. People you consciously appreciate in business will love you back. Not only will they want to do more business with you, but they will want to share the goodness with others.




“We have had the pleasure of working with the talented team at Rezonant for over eight years. Throughout the years, Rezonant has grown into a natural extension of our internal team, appropriately challenging our processes while offering support along the way. Our brand is better positioned in the market today because of their guidance and expertise."

– Rob Sieban, CEO
United Flea Markets

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